My wedding vows

John I stand in front of you today on the last day that I am Lyndsey Miller, and it’s with utter joy that by the end of the day I’ll be standing next to you as Lyndsey Ramos.

I believe that people can fall in love multiple times, But I think it is very rare that people find the type of love we have. Your my best friend, the person I want to do everything with and whats even better is you love doing things with me. I can’t imagine having a life without you in it, so I promise Today that I’ll always be there to do the things you want to.

Your my family. In a country were all our family are miles from us, you are always there to be a part of each of them when I need them. And today I promise I will always be there for you in the hard and the happy times.

You are also my love, the joy you give is unmeasurable. Your smile warms my heart in the quietest of moments and I can’t wait to share the rest of our moments in our lives together.

Your also my psychologist. You love to point out my flaws (which I hate by the way) but you also show me how to over come them. You pick me up when I am down, you push me and show me my strengths that I did not realise I had. You make me reach heights I never believe I can reach. Do today I promise I will always be there in your times of need. When you need a push and a helping hand I’ll be there. I’ll show you your strengths And i vow that I will be Your number one fan until the day that death seperate us.

Today I will not promise to be only your wife, but to be your best friend, the love of your life, your partner for the future, the mother of your children and the one person that you can always count on.

Today I vow myself to be your super wife.


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