2 February 2017

Spoke to my Gex yesterday. He is in Thailand.

Such a ass. Still trying to control me. Making me feel guilty.

Asking me if I am still seeing the same guy. Yes I am.
“You don’t understand how it made me feel Lyndsey, it was so quick. You hurt me.”

Um…. excuse me!!!! You told me you wanted more? You needed to go experience more, I couldn’t give you what you wanted?

Do you know how I felt? How ugly and unwanted I felt?

Then he said that he didn’t just end it for one thing, he was unhappy for the last 2 years. That it’s not Just his fault this marriage ended. We both ended it WTF!!!

Now he tells me that he is craving vagina. So he is bisexual. And how would I feel if he sleeps with a women. I DONT give a shit. Do what ever you need.

“No Lyndsey it will be hard for you when I do it. It will hurt you.” Um no sorry I don’t think so!

I’m happy with my new thing with a straight man thanks. Very satisfied and feel great.

Then he says you know what’s sad, I think you’ll be happy with out me. Your ok and I am not.

Yup and who fault is that? Yours mr.. yours you asshole.

And you know what? Thank you for doing me the biggest favour of my life and ending a toxic relationship for me.

Sorry rant over.


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