21 December 2016

I’m sad today and I am angry that I have no control.

I am upset that I let you do this to me. But all I want is that you want to try make this work.

Why can’t you do that? Why was it ok before? Why have I put so much into this relationship and your just going to throw it away?
I’m hurting because I never thought you would do this to me. I never thought you were going to hurt me this much. I never thought you would not want me.
This is possibly the hardest thing that I have ever gone through and possibly the hardest I ever will go through. I can’t do anything to make you want to stay. I can’t make you want the life I want. I can’t make love me more. How unfair is it. Why does God want me to be happy to just rip it away? Tell me that? Yes he may have given you what you want but what at the expense of my everything? Tell me how that is ok? Why put me through this and say say sorry I didn’t make you what he wants, hahahahahaha? Why? Tell me why?

Do you think I am the one for you? Can you answer me that?


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