5 feb 2017

So had a disaster yesterday.
Got in my car after work, turned the key on then went to my phone to put my music on, as I play Spotify through my Bluetooth and my whole car just turned off.

Nothing would work, not the key lock, lights, car nothing.

This has happened recently and my Gex just changed my car battery so should be all fine.

Phone my friends that I now live with and they could not come help.

More panic and tears now, phone the ex in a panic(as I have no family here.)

He was like “well what do you want me to do?”

So I am like sorry it’s just I’m not sure what else to do and feel so alone. Hysterical now!

He gets a bit nasty and says “phone Josh I would be shocked if he didn’t help you.” This is the guy Iv been seeing (not for very long.)

He then must feel sorry for me and talks me down out of my panic and says to call RAC and join up and they sort that out.

So I say bye still upset. Breath a bit and
Decide what the heck just phone josh.

So I do and he answers and he can straight away here some thing is wrong. “What wrong sweetie?”
I am like are you at home? And he is like no but I can be soon. So I tell him my car won’t start and I think it’s my battery.

He refuses to leave me in the car park by myself so He comes straight away without hesitation picks me up, goes back to his house to get the jump leads as he was at a family thing. Takes me back to my car. Looks at the battery and my ex has just not tighten the battery in properly 🙄. Then he realises that the whole battery is loose.

He turns around to me and says, it’s better that your ex is the way he is because he can’t even change your battery for you 😂 and he really could of f**** your car up.

So go back to his house he checks my car over and fixes all the issues and then he says he’ll always help me if he can.

Dam so nice to be around a manly man who comes to your aid.


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