21 February 2017

The sadness is catching up to me.

I don’t miss you. But I’m sad at what you have done to me. How much I lost because of you. I don’t miss the pain and insecurities you gave me but I miss my life.  I miss the person I was before I knew you.

I miss the trusting fun girl that I was. Now I believe everyone is out to hurt me. I’m scared to love again.

I don’t miss you, but I am sad at what you have taken from me. My home, my dogs, my life, my sense of security. My ability to see the beauty in people and not think the worst.

I don’t miss you. I’m starting to wounder did I really love you? It has been too easy not to have you in my life.


Thats the question. Did I love you? Or the idea of the life i had created in my head?


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