03 March 2017

Iv had a really few difficult weeks. Been trying to talk to the Gex to get financial separation done. But he is such a ass.

He has now said he not gay but back to being bisexual.

That his heart is broken and that our wedding is what broke us. He also says I broke his heart when I started dating and it made him realise our relationship was over. WT actual F@@@@???? “But you broke it off with me! Did you think you were going to go out and sleep with men and then come back to me?”

Yeah I think I did Lyndsey.

“And how is that fair to me?”

Well it isn’t. (Exactly)

He then told me that I had as much to do with the break up as he did. That I made his life hell for the last 2 years and that my parents took over the wedding and he didn’t get what he wanted and that was what broke the marriage. Not his sexuality. OMG!!!!

I am sooooo angry with him. He made me feel so broken and ugly and not good enough and he won’t even take the credit for it. It’s always someone else’s fault.

And me dating someone else was a terrible thing to do. How could I do it? And it was to early. I don’t understand why you did it. You broke my heart.

Um sorry you don’t need to understand why I did it. You lost that right when you told me to move out and that our marriage had ended.

And to be honest I did it to confirm that what you made me feel for the last 8 years was not the truth. That I am beautiful and that my body is desired and that I am not ugly or gross. I did it to make me feel like a woman that could move on without you in my life. And get this ill fitting relationship off of my body and soul.

I did it to realise you WeRE NOT GOOD ENOUGH for me!!! And i have so much to offer to someone else.

Screw you!

I am better than you and you bladdy well know it.

Sorry for the rant.


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