16/04/17 Regret

I am slowly becoming whole. I no longer have the anxiety that was killing me at the idea of being alone, of losing you, of losing us, of losing my future.

I see you now and I smile. Because I don’t feel anything.
For me we are just friends meeting. But for you… I can see the pain in your eyes, the regret of what you had done. I know you know that the love I gave was unique and that the love I gave you will be the best you ever had. I know I may not of been the right gender for you, but I loved you so wholeheartedly and unconditionally, that you will feel empty with anyone else.

I can see you all ready feeling that with your new man. Oh darling your mum said you would never find a love like mine and oh how she was right. You should of done everything in your power to keep me. Because now I will never look back at you and wish I was there. I cut that rope as soon as you gave me the scissors and I am never going back. I love myself to much to put myself in someone’s arms who would rather break me than try and glue me together.


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