Meeting you. 20/04/17

The moment I met you, relief flooded me. I can’t explain the feeling but I instantly felt like you were home to me. Weird I know.

I tried to hold back and be cautious, but you came at me like a steam engine. So sure of what you wanted and how you felt about me. It freaked me out, because I fell for you so quickly.

I started to feel calm and content. My raging anxiety started to soften until I barely felt it. I stopped needing to find reassurance about myself, you gave me that.

And I can’t believe it, you made me fall for you mostly over FaceTime. And what’s scary is I think I am in love with you. I love you and I am to scared to say it even though you have. I am too scared incase this content feeling disappears. I really hope your the man that you seem. Because then I think I have found something magical.


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