14 June 2017

I have fallen for you.
But don’t think for a second I can’t walk away. I have been through the worst before.

Do you possible think that I could be a fool? I hope not. I hope your the man you seem to be. Because Iv walked away from harder and Iv walked away after that. You could be just another stepping stone in my life. Because Iv already gone through the bridge breaking. And nothing. I tell you nothing is worse than that.

One reason, I need only one to walk. Because never again am I staying for someone who will make me a fool again.

I love you but walking away will be easier than loving again. So make sure I have a reason to stay. Because it’s easier for me to be alone than worry about you making a fool of me.

I love you but loving myself by myself is easier than giving you me and my heart, so don’t take it for granted.


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